15 Ways You Can Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day, the first thoughts are couples going out to luxury dinners, loving each other’s presence, wedding proposals then of course the joy of giving and receiving gifts. Valentine’s day is usually intended for couples, but what about the single people? Well, did you know that there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating singles? Yes, a moment for single people! Of course you can still enjoy Valentine’s but you are probably wondering what are some things that singles can do to celebrate when there is no significant other. Here are 15 things singles can do to celebrate Singles Awareness Day, which is the day after Valentine’s Day.

Pamper Yourself

Use the day to give yourself some self-maintenance with a mani pedi, waxing or brow service.

Get a Massage

Take some time to relax your body and mind with a deep full body massage.

Run a Bubble Bath

Unwind and detox with a bubble bath or Botanical Beauté Bath from Natural Beauté Skincare.

Cook Your Favorite Dinner

Pour a glass of your favorite wine and sit down to your favorite meal.

Detox from Social Media

Take a break from social media and take a moment to self-reflect about yourself, your wants and needs.

Speed Dating

Try speed dating. You may meet your potential husband.

Galantine’s Day Dinner

Get the girls dolled up and have a dinner night at an upscale restaurant or get creative and have a picnic.

Plan a Game Night

Bring out the games, finger foods and let the games begin.

Have a Spa Day

Gift yourself with a complete spa day to truly tend to your self care.

Paint & Sip

Express your inner artist! Enjoy the careless brush strokes to your new art piece and a glass or two with the girls.

Binge Watch Movies

Grab some popcorn and share some laughs with friends over a few binge movies.

Take a Trip

Travel the world. Plan a solo mission or a girl’s trip to learn what the world has to offer.

Experience a Wine Tasting

Go to a local wine garden with the girls.

Have a Night Out on the Town

Have some fun by going to an escape room or a few good laughs at a comedy show.

Date Night with a Guy Friend

If you have a guy friend that has been on your mind lately, plan an intimate date night. Good things can happen from there.

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