About HERLifestyle.co

HERLifestyle.co LLC is a website highlighting women of color but created for all women in order to enlighten HER with the tools to maintain amazing health & fitness, empower HER with the knowledge to flourish through all personal experiences and professional obstacles in life while uplifting HER to be a woman of reason with standards plus tax! 

You are HER.
Health, Empowerment & a woman of Reason.
She will be a better woman of tomorrow with access to various notes on HERLifestyle.co LLC revolving health, nutrition & fitness plus other interests of a free spirited woman who loves traveling, business, cultural arts, community service, beauty and an advocate for all things woman.
Not only is the mission to educate and uplift women so she will radiate positivity to empower HERself and inspire the next woman, but to provide women that are passionate about writing with a platform that gives HER the opportunity to expand creatively and express HERself freely while ultimately empowering like-minded women through blog notes published through HERLifestyle.co LLC!
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About the Founder & CEO

As an enthusiastic young woman aspiring to make an impact in the health and fitness community, Victoria Egwudobi began HERLifestyle.co LLC with the intent to help young women searching for encouragement in HER health, fitness, lifestyle, beauty and the arts flourish.

Although she has many passions, HER first love for writing transpired to be the perfect way to enlighten others about HER many experiences, interests and services that ultimately brings knowledge to a purposeful woman.
To provide an avenue for empowered women like you to be educated on various topics that will elevate your lifestyle.

Holding the desire to become a future healthcare provider, a fascination with the body and remaining physically active, Victoria naturally gravitated towards a science based education. She obtained a 2016 Bachelor’s of Science degree focusing on Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science and Wellness from the University of  Tennessee at Martin. Soon after graduating, she moved to Dallas, TX to pursue a role in healthcare and continue HER education. This pursuit translated into a series of roles in health & fitness as a Physical Therapy Aide to being a Personal Trainer, Assistant Fitness Director and Fitness Director at a local chiropractic clinic and fitness studio. Victoria helped individuals reach a place in their life where health, weight, and nutrition was no longer an issue and exercise was now the solution to better health and fitness. 

Before landing in Houston, she held an Assistant General Manager role for a women’s only fitness facility with a purpose to empower women towards a healthier lifestyle. Currently she is working towards HER ultimate dream career as a Mastered Physician Assistant! Interested in HER road to PA school? Let’s talk about it in the comment sections!

She is a renaissance woman who wants to inspire women along HERjourney with the proper tools, support system and confidence to live a blissful, healthy & purposeful life! 
Victoria also serves as a motivational keynote speaker for various health & wellness corporate seminars and hosts social & community service events for a non profit organization called The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization as a Regional Leader. In August 2020, she launched a luxury natural skincare line under HERLifestyle.co LLC called Natural Beauté Skincare. It was created to provide women of color with radiant, healthy skin using a holistic approach of all natural & organic ingredients, botanicals and pure essential oils. All collections and products are handcrafted to provide you with an at home luxury bathe experience and naturally flawless melanated skin. You can shop Natural Beauté Skincare  here and follow HERLifestyle.co on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming local popup shops in Houston.


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