Gestures of Love

Love is always in the air around this time of year. It can bring out the most seductive red roses, an abundance of chocolate candy and giant stuffed bears that some women have no clue where to store afterwards. Restaurants of all tastes are completely booked and filled with tables of evident passion and gratitude. On this day, your loved one is more affectionate and making an extra effort to impress you in every way possible. Gestures of Love. Of course this particular time is February 14th, Valentine’s Day, which is obviously tailored to recognize and appreciate women. At least that’s how we make it out to be.


I’m sure you have been whispering subtle hints in his ear about the perfect Valentine’s date or that bomb Louis Vuitton bag you’ve been eyeing for a while. If you’re lucky, your man is creative and can surprise you with an amazing date. If y’all are both stuck, here you can take away a plethora of ways to guide your man in the right direction towards your heart or some ideal dates that are thoughtful and a memory both of you can remember.


The ladies that express their love back are the real winners. It is a season of love making and a day about women but a subtle reminder about the bombshell like yourself to him would be a game changer and win for both parties.


As women, we are the building blocks to all great things. It is essential to take care of ourselves and learn how to properly invest in ourselves before we can truly invest in others. As ambitious single women, we have the luxury of saving our coins and investing it in ourselves and/or families during this time. You should spend this day insightfully learning and loving yourself. Treat yourself and try something new that will give you a time to truly unwind. When genuine love comes into your life, you will know because you know exactly what you need to be loved. Remain wise, know your worth, and enjoy your life.



Whether you are single or taken, all women take a particular liking to certain events especially on a day like Valentine’s Day. Some like the finer things verse the simple aspects of life, but whatever the case, these dates are always a joy to spend with your husband, boyfriend, friend with benefits or just your best friend.


One way to really feel like your man put quality effort into your date even if you give him all the hints in the world is to go dancing. Yes, dancing. What woman doesn’t love to balter from time to time? A planned private date with an instructor around you and him learning how to swing dance, salsa or merely two step if your man has no clue what rhythm is. Incorporate a few glasses of wine and the night can be extremely entertaining. You might even like it so much that it becomes a new hobby.


If you’re a woman that is more along the lines of up keeping a beneficial friend then a burlesque show would be perfect. You will both love the show and usually they are created with the idea of rolling in the 20’s era giving you a taste of the past. With that being said, the performances are on the risqué’ side so it’s an innovative more sophisticated notation towards a fun filled night later. If that’s too much and you want to keep the vibes laid back then a comedy club would be a definite place to be. There is always an open bar, pretty decent food and who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh?! Of course, you can always go with your best friend and go dutch on the tickets. At least that way, you are guaranteed a night full of laughter.



Every once in a while us queens have to give back to our kings to show them how much we appreciate them. I know Valentine’s Day usually revolves around women but honestly it’s about love and they need love too. You just showing your gratitude towards your loved one will just transpire into greater events and gestures of love. He might love it so much that he flies you out for the weekend but that’s another story. Be that boost in life that he need. One way to express that is starting with something every man loves… a home cooked meal and not just any meal but his favorite at that. Since this is such a special day for both parties get creative. You can set up a candle lit dinner in the park or on a rooftop with a beautiful skyline to reminisce.



Now I cannot forget about my single ladies. Some women date to just date and that’s totally fine then the others would prefer quality over quantity. Either way, enjoy your life to its fullest extent. Go on that date he’s been killing to take you on or grab your girls and go on an innocent speed date. It doesn’t have to be anything serious but it’s definitely an excuse to get out of the house, snatch some drinks and in a small sense see what the world has to offer for the night. You can also attend a speakeasy or open mic night which will give you another perspective of lovers night. There will be poetry slams, unique artist, and positive vibes. This is great for more laid back single women to get know some new faces.


For the ladies that’s more into the quality of the man and isn’t interested in an abundance of dates then this day is more about loving yourself. Treat yourself with things you’ve always desired to achieve, be full of and/or accomplish. You deserve it to yourself at the very least. Also acknowledging your self-worth as the queen you are. Try scheduling an appointment to get a full body massage to relieve some stress in your life followed by a bottle of pink moscato or chardonnay and retail therapy of course.


However you decide to go about Valentine’s Day remember to have fun and be present with your loved ones. You can be a simple woman that admires a candle lit dinner or a lady of finer tastes that can appreciate an expensive gift. If you have a good man on your arm, take a moment or two to show your man how much you appreciate him. He’ll thank you in return.


Valentine’s Day is all about showcasing your love and affection with romantic gestures. It’s not only for couples but a moment for single women to discover new things about HERself too. Whatever the decision, partake in the day of love whether it’s with your significant other, friends with benefit, best friend or being bad all by your damn self.

Love love… pass it on.

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