Goal Digging: A Guide to Setting Ambitious Goals

Welcome 2020! The year 2019 has finally come to an end and the birth of a new decade has arisen. As we all welcome endless possibilities into the new year, these hectic first few months have shown to mind boggling for everyone. With everything changing tremendously everyday this moment is also a great time to reflect on your efforts so far in the year and look back on the previous year’s experiences, reminisce the memories, and process the outcomes of our daily efforts. I hope that you as the reader had an extremely blessed 2019 and it continues to be fruitful for you in 2020!

Throughout the previous year, I experienced moments that caused me to feel directionless and unmotivated. Although I had some goals set to achieve, really analyzing the previous year allowed me to pinpoint moments where I just went with the flow of the year. I realized that I never officially set any goals for 2019 like I usually would for each year. Of course the small goals I set were being accomplished, but without an ultimate purpose and sense of direction the year seemed to be offset entirely. Through reflection, I understood why I felt unmotivated periodically throughout the year and it was time to get back on track!

Setting goals provide you with aspirations to achieve things you desire and gives you a sense of direction. With setting goals, especially smart ones, you are able to manifest your aspirations with realistic techniques that can ultimately better you as a person and woman.

You may know exactly what you would like to achieve this new year or decade which is great! Keep a journal. You could also be somewhere along the lines of only having a small inclination of what you would like to achieve, similar to myself last year, or you might be the lady that has absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to setting goals. If so, it will require some digging.. goal digging to be exact!

Here are some techniques to setting goals that I have found to be really helpful for me over the years and can lead you in the right direction too.

Vision Board

Vision boards provide you with a visual perspective to obtaining your goals. They can be based around words that stand out to you or a picture that speaks to your heart. You can read through magazines, articles and books to tailor your board. You may even grab a few photos from your favorite albums to remind you to travel abroad or surround yourself with family. Both avenues are perfect ways to create your board and they can also be used in conjunction. Once you have everything that will speak towards your goals, you will arrange everything according to what you would like to accomplish this year. For instance, you could add a photo of a women performing yoga. This could speak to a goal of yours to meditate more for a tranquil mindset. You can then add the word namaste nearby reminding you to welcome your inner peace. Get creative! Add a colorful boarder or floral pieces that gives your vision board a piece of your personality. That way it will always catch your attention and be a constant reminder.

Calendar Checkups

Although things do not always go as planned it is always a great idea to plan ahead. This technique leaves room for error and you obtain a broader perspective of the year to come. With this form of goal digging, you are actually going to plan out your entire year. You can grab an annual calendar that displays the entire year on one page and begin jotting down your goals. I have found this to be helpful for people that prefer deadlines. If you know that you will be applying to a school in August then you could make sure to highlight that moment in time. That way when you check in to your calendar a few months prior, you will have a reminder of the deadline and it will prompt you to prepare yourself for the application process in advance.

Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness can be described differently from person to person. It will always vary but everyone can generally agree that it revolves around living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. This is probably one of my personal favorite goal digging techniques due to the fact that you can pretty much cover all bases. Your bases can be but not limited to your spirituality, emotional needs, finances, physical well being, intellectual standards, social structure or your current occupation. Here you can grab a journal or basic notebook and begin writing ways you would like to grow in areas that are the most important to you. For example, if you wanted to strengthen your spirituality this year, you could write that as your number one goal. You can then begin compiling stepping stones that will help you to reach that goal. Those steps could be possibly praying more or finding a church home that connects with your soul. I have found this method to create endless opportunities as you can continue to brainstorm and write down ways to accomplish each task throughout the year. So make sure to leave some room to write more later.

Simply, Ask Questions

You can also grab your journal and write down a few questions to ask yourself. Of course the questions can and will vary based on your needs, but this technique is used to help bring depth to your brainstorming process. It will allow you to connect more with your goals. A few questions could be, “What did you do last year that you would like to continue achieving this year?”, “Where are three travel destinations you would like to visit?”, or “How can I be of serve to my peers?” If you are not sure about what questions to ask then feel free to email me for a starter questionnaire. With this method you can actually use it in conjunction with all of the other techniques to help you dig for goals and make it personal for you.

Monthly Bookings

Last but definitely not least, you can set individual monthly goals if you are overwhelmed with the thought of planning your entire year. This is such a productive method that really instills the success of achieving your goals. Once a new month begins, this gives you a chance to start fresh. Think about what you would like to accomplish that month, write it down and create a soft deadline. You can then orient followup tasks throughout the weeks prior to the deadline. If you would like to volunteer with a mission center for an event, write down the event and date. You’ll then spread out tasks that will help achieve that for the few weeks to come like signing up and meeting the staff or visiting the mission center. As you go along, you can check off the finished tasks and eventually the goals. This is such a rewarding sensation that will motivate you to continue down the path to success. You can take this time as well to add goals that you weren’t able to accomplish last month to your brand new month instead of just forgetting about them after the month ends.

Now that you have obtained some techniques to go about digging for goals and setting them properly. You can begin your journey by finding a method that works for you and the easiest to maintain then gradually working your way upward from there.

Personally, I love to mix various techniques, if not all, to cross all of my T’s and dot all of my I’s. It helps me to keep structure around my life by having the ability to visualize my goals, be aware of my next few steps, and being able to express myself as well as promote mental stimulation through journaling my wellness plan. Of course everything is according to God’s plan but it’s nice to have ideal expectations and a purpose.

You can also approach setting your goals with a creative mindset and liberating techniques. For instance, I always keep a journal within arms reach to write down business ideas, to do lists, and thoughts such as what my expectations and goals are for the year or next few months. This is liberating, but I also love to switch it up by maintaining a collection of white boards. I can draw daily affirmations or produce a fun monthly booking that will look completely different every month. However you decide to go about your personal goal digging, enjoy yourself! If you found a technique that worked for you or one you would like to share, leave a comment down below.. I would love to converse about your experience.

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