Healthy Intentions

My favorite season has arrived! From the fall fashion, family gatherings, warm blankets and amazing home cooked meals, how could you not look forward to autumn weather and the holiday season. Around this time of the year is when most people spend some time in hibernation, start innovating new hobbies or pick up on habits that may not be necessarily too good for the body. We’ve also entered the last few months of the year where each month celebrates a major holiday! I’m definitely looking forward to being around my family and friends, but that’s also an immediate plus one invitation for your waist to a dearly missed food house frenzy.

You can quickly become gluttonous during times when you’re tempted with an island of food and desserts. Before that temptation comes and you fall into an unhealthy vice. You can start by working on making conscience intentions prior to the Halloween kickoff like choosing healthier options on the menu and drinking water more consistently. You can even go the extra mile by balancing your meals, learning to listen to your body, and meal prepping to save time and energy for the things left on your agenda throughout these few months to come. That extra mile is what I’d like to enlighten you on in order to take a few more steps towards making healthy choices especially during this upcoming holiday season.

We all know that having balanced meals keeps us around for an ample amount of years. What you eat directly effects the body and is the simplest way to begin transitioning over to a healthier path. Generally, the basics would be to watch your carbs, proteins and fats then add in your fruits and veggies after. Depending on your body type, current diet or overall goal, you may actually focus on a few specific groups more than others to completely balance your meals. To gain more insight on your body’s nutritional portions, I always recommend consulting with a personal trainer and nutritionist to obtain clarity on your body’s composition, metabolism, and possibly set calories or create a food guide. Figuring out what your body goal is and manifesting that vision with a simple clean diet can really motivate you to thrive with other ambitious intentions. Once you’re aware of your daily intentions and choose to stay healthy, you’ll find it easier to navigate through the food festivities. It also helps to start practicing healthy habits sooner rather than later.

Learning how to listen to your body is free knowledge when it comes to feeding your body with the right nutrients during this holiday season. By consciously sensing the edge of hunger you remove senseless eating in between meals and plating ridiculous portions during. You’ve probably sensed this edge about 30 minutes prior to your stomach proceeding to growl. Recognizing the signals of being hungry comes right on time when you’re tempted with a table of delectable food. The resilience is being able to control the urge. When you experience that ah ha moment of “I am actually hungry”, then you have initiated your edge of hunger and now it’s time to feast, but with the intent to feel full before reaching capacity.

When you feast, the goal is to eat until the point of satiation and not when you are stuffed. You want to be satisfied with the amount of food you’ve consumed and have energy to continue throughout the day without catching the beloved itis. Having to waste a productive day only sets you behind a day, so the goal is to always be flat belly full! An indication can be the initial, “Ok, I’ve had enough…”, or before you decide to take a few more bites for the road. You don’t have to eat everything in one sitting and as a budget queen, you can actually setup another meal or snack for later on.

If you are anything like myself then sometimes you have to make time to sit down for a meal. This can quickly turn into grabbing something not necessarily healthy but convenient which defeats the purpose of choosing the healthy route. To deter this from happening, I started meal prepping which not only helps schedule and control my meals but allows me to maintain my figure and save a few hundred dollars a month to cook at home versus dining out. A pleasing bonus to the holiday finances too. To begin, I prefer to make breakfast for most mornings which are usually great for on the go and adds variety. Instead of cooking everything in one day, I actually split that long-dreaded cook day into two days in order to shorten the kitchen time. Although you may not meal prep on the exact holiday, this is a great tool to utilize prior to and after it. Here’s a quick look on how I work my meal prep cook days throughout the week.

Monday and Thursday are kitchen days where I cook up two meals each day. One meal will be quite simple like a cranberry salmon salad and the other meal would need a little more patience like a cheddar broccoli soup. Soups tend to need time to simmer. While the meal spends time to marinate or simmer, I‘ll proceed to make the salad. With both meals, I’ll only make enough to last 3 to 4 days before my next cook day then I’ll follow the same method with two different food options. I am human, so I do have a designated cheat day. I tend to still enforce healthy intentions but rather than eating at home, I may go grab an acai bowl, have a bowl of pho for dinner, a smoothie for a sweet reward or a well-deserved sub sandwich to end my day. For you, your cheat day can be Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey or any given holiday meal following. At the end of the week, I’ve had a variety of four to five healthy meals not to mention breakfast. I’ve also saved a few hours in the kitchen, increased my finances and I’ve grown accustom to portioning my meals which only brings long term benefits to the body.  


However you decide to plan for the holiday season, always choose to make healthy intentions. Meal preps helped me control my portions, gain expendable time and money while learning to zone in on my body’s edge of hunger allowed me to gage my food cycle and practice flat belly full. Try working on one healthy habit at a time to see what works for your body. As it gets easier in October, you’ll be able to maintain your visionary body prior to Thanksgiving and throughout Christmas as you welcome new intentions. Stay resilient! Use these free gems while living your life and enjoying amazing holiday food. What’s your favorite upcoming holiday? How do you intend to keep your body right throughout it all? Leave a comment. Let’s chat about the different intentions that are going to or helping you succeed through the holidays.

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