Ladies of the Hour

This year, our annual Lady of the Hour has become Ladies of the Hour. We want to take this moment to spotlight a magnitude of women making great accomplishments within their own crafts whether that being passionate entrepreneurship, empowering authorship or inspiring activism. Each of these ladies took a courageous leap of faith to be a major contribution to their communities locally and socially. At, we recognize their hands on approach and complete investments in their work which should not go unnoticed. Here’s to women excellence as we introduce you to three amazing women that we know you would love to support too!
Marleana Bryant
Creator of Real Queens Killing It 
“It’s my goal to inspire/teach women to love themselves, and go after their dreams unapologetically. No matter what you’ve been through you have the power to overcome, and achieve anything you put your mind to!”
We absolutely adore this space created for other likeminded women! It can be a struggle for women to be uplifted when things are currently not in their favor, but Marleana made it simply for women to do so and be the best versions of themselves while keeping God first. Her inspiration is free to the community and brightens the lives for so many women daily. Her platform reminds us each day that we are queens and we are meant to lead empires! Thank you for leading the way through your penmanship for women like you.
The purpose of Real Queens Killing It is to give messages of encouragement and inspire women that are dealing with tribulations or currently feeling down in life. Women wear many hats as mothers, wives, business owners and so much more who are doing everything on their own with no help most of the time. Real Queens Killing It is a safe space for those women to be empowered and feel encouraged to continue along their journey. Marleana not only runs her blogs and social platforms but as an author, faith mentor, and mindset coach has created a workbook and guide for women to make changes in their lives and attract the things she ultimately wants. Marleana’s social community is about building together as you find faith healing, self discovery and encourage positive thinking through self love challenges, guides and words of encouragement via Instagram. You can join her motivating community @Real.Queens.Killing.It and download a copy of her guide & workbook “9 Easy Steps To Change Your Life And Attract The Things You Want” at We would love for you to help yourself while support her as much as we do!
Kay Laird
Within seconds of connecting with Kay Laird we quickly learned how driven she was to making her entrepreneur dreams come true! Starting at a young age to now a full time entrepreneur, she holds three small businesses that are all handcrafted by her. Her story is so unique. What she offers is made with love which is evident with every post, business pitch and her products speaks for themselves. As her community continues to grow and her vision reaching the masses, we are completely here for her awesome brand and amazing journey to becoming your favorite household name. Just like us, we know after you hear her story you would love to support too! 
“I currently have two businesses, the first, Lord Laird’s Premium Lemonade®, specializing in all-organic health drinks, and Queen Netzo Jewelry, specializing in handmade wire-wrapped Swarovski Crystal® rings in memory of my mother Kennette Laird.”
“When I began to get into jewelry at the age of 7, my mother was battling breast cancer. With the help of my Aunt Myra, I started a new hobby making all sorts of jewelry. Whenever I would visit, my aunt would always be making a new necklace, bracelet, or earrings of some sort. She taught me all of the basic techniques I needed to know in order to make creations with integrity. I made jewelry for my mother to wear as well as everyone who helped around the house during that time of need. With my dad being a pillar of support of my passion, the name “Queen Netzo Jewelry” has stuck ever since 2007. I felt the need to keep the name because it reminds me that she will always be the QUEEN in my heart.”
“I am currently developing a new business called Mobars, specializing in creating homemade luxe energy bars made with everyday essentials for a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, or even dessert! I have been an entrepreneur since the age of eight, always having the desire to become a businesswoman, looking to market, sale, and make a profit.”
“On a normal day to day, I usually start my morning off with an hour workout. After working out, it usually gives me all the energy I need for the day to either produce 12+ gallons of lemonade, 100+ Mobars, or create new Swarovski Crystal rings for my customers. It’s been a great transition especially being able to remain stable during a pandemic. I am so excited for what is to come! ♡ “
You can find all things Kay Laird at or just like us, follow her on Instagram @Kay_Laird to stay updated on the latest news revolving her and her businesses!

Thamicha Isaac


CEO/Founder of Openly Positive an HIV activist and advocate, Thamicha Isaac was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 19 years old, after accepting her diagnosis and turning her pain into power, Thamicha started her search for her purpose, on her search she became an HIV/ Testing Counselor, Risk Reduction Counselor, a Client Centered Counselor, a Transgender Allie, a prEP Counselor and a Transitional Life Coach. She earned all of her state Credentials from NJ Department of Health at Rutgers Training facility in New Brunswick NJ. She is a B.C.L.A Alumni, Ms Isaac was coached and trained by Lakeisha Dixon the breakthrough strategist.

Often called upon to share her testimony of strength, resilience, courage and transformation, Thamicha is making a name for her cause through living and speaking her truth as an openly Positive Black Caribbean Woman living in America with her handsome sons. When Ms Isaac is not across the country speaking and sharing her story, you can find her facilitating at various communities where she has group sessions and workshops.

Ms Isaac has dedicated this part of her life to be a voice for people affected and living with HIV in hopes that it can bring someone else strength, comfort and letting them know they are not alone in their fight against stigma that surrounds HIV/AIDS and people living with a positive diagnosis in marginalized disproportionate vulnerable populations in NY, NJ and Globally through her social platforms.

 Love Life Miizmisha ‘s World Of empowerment. ❣️#openlypositive❣️

Who is Openly Positive ?

Openly Positive Inc is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, offering services that include HIV testing, counseling, linkage to care and resources to people living with HIV.

Our Values

Openly Positive Inc is unique to other Community based organizations because of its holistic approach tailored to each individual goals and needs.

• Overcoming barriers
• Improving problem solving abilities
• Moving beyond self imposed limitations

Our Mission

Openly Positive is on a mission to eradicate stigma in the HIV/AIDS community by empowering them to live proactively and not in fear.

“An HIV diagnosis is not the end to one’s life, but a new beginning to a beautiful life if you can find it in yourself to forgive and love all of you through this diagnosis. “

This woman is absolutely amazing! Not only is she an activist and life coach but she is relatable to individuals dealing with similar struggles as she has gone through it as well. Her audience connects with her personal story which ultimately makes it easy for people in her community and around the world to ask those difficult questions. She is an authentic woman who we at can tell supports whole heartedly in what she believes. If you would like to connect with Ms. Issac or are someone who is looking for guidance along your journey, you can follow her on Instagram @Miizmisha721 and visit her website for more resources such as free HIV testing sites, counseling, future speaking events and workshops with the beautiful founder.

It truly is an honor to highlight such women that are making great stride to change the narrative or follow their dreams! With likeminded women like yourself, we hope this note inspires you to go out there and follow your own passions. We want to thank the women mentioned for sharing their stories and encourage women like you to share your own. Happy Women History Month!

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