Lady of the Hour – Taraji P Henson

Most of us looking back on last year’s events can admit that it was very welcoming. It brought in a great deal of success, some growth and gains, happiness but as usual being able to learn from some trials and tribulations. This is all too familiar to the Lady of the Hour.


Taraji P. Henson is a walking mogul and a queen of many trades. Not only is she dominating the box office but she is known for her ferocity in fashion, uplifting personality, and driven spirit to go beyond the goal. 2017 was complete gold for Taraji. She was invited to the White House to meet Barak and Michelle Obama, launched a fourth season of Empire with her extremely dramatic but lovable persona, Cookie, and won an Oscar alongside Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae for Hidden Figures and nominated for three others. Secure the bag would be an understatement but a great description to her go-getter personality. Taraji is an actress, mother, author, producer but that’s just the tip of the iceberg considering the new avenues she’s partaking in as of recently.


Acrimony is the latest Tyler Perry film starring Taraji P. Henson who played the character Mel. A young broken college girl who unintentionally wore her heart on her sleeve turned relentlessly insane woman. The movie title itself means bitterness or resentment to say in lack of better words, however Taraji who is the complete opposite played the role perfectly. Honestly the character couldn’t have been more made for Taraji. She naturally has a subtle sass to her personality and striking features that gave Mel emotion and life in the movie. She was also able to narrate the events so it was a delightful touch that showed her witt and had the audience in tears from laughing.


Acrimony gave a different look on perception within you. Sometimes things aren’t how you initially perceive them to be and you can control that by putting yourself in others’ shoes. If it’s not handled in the proper manner it can become uncontrollable then drive you to insanity. Acrimony was great depiction of that. In comparison, I would label Acrimony as the 2018 version of A Thin Line Between Love and Hate but with additional plot twists. By the way, unless you’re perfectly fine with a mid-night movie think about pre-purchasing tickets because they sold out quickly.


Taraji actually started this year off extremely well by taking on a movie that was completely left field for her. In January, Proud Mary premiered being her first action film. It was refreshing to witness her work outside of her comfort zone but in my opinion the movie felt completely rushed or a second thought. Although the movie was lacking something, Taraji showed off her training in handling weapons and killer fight scenes that still gave me life. Overall, Proud Mary was not her finest work and the reviews weren’t ultimately the best but she definitely made up for it months later with Acrimony! She showed us that she can handle a couple blows plus take on a role that took a lot of energy in order to connect with the character and provide the people with quality and quantity.



Ms. Henson is such a driven and grounded woman that ambitiously worked for decades to be at her statue and possibly direct her own movies one day. This year has only just begun and things are looking on the bright side not only for HER but hopefully for you as well!


Be blessed loves!

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