The Beauty of Interval Training

Queen.. It is time to snatch your waist, lift that butt and enhance your curves naturally! More than likely you have plans for an extended weekend getaway or a beach vacation with a scenic view in the near future. You’ll find a great spot to take a few bomb pictures on Venice Beach or in Miami along the white sands surrounded by great people. Where ever you decide to vacay, you’ll need extra energy to shop, explore around the city, and look amazing in the process. So its only right to make sure your body is on point before your departure!

HIIT, which is short for High Intensity Interval Training, in my opinion is one of the best ways to tone your body, build endurance and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Of course you know that primarily deals with having a healthy heart and the glamorous attributes that come along like having more oxygen and nutrient supply, an abundance of energy, and a nicely toned body.

A usual HIIT session can last up to four to thirty minutes which is super quick considering the remaining time we have to spend on other various tasks. Incorporating a warm up and cool down is always recommended due to the types of movements and vigorous activity. The training includes intervals of high intensity HARD WORK followed by short bursts of rest or low intensity exercise. The high intensity interval can vary between 10 seconds to a minute and low interval from 10 seconds and beyond. Imagine a full sprint for twenty seconds followed by ten seconds to recuperate or walk. That’ll be considered tabata which is a form of HIIT. Its without a doubt a challenge but attainable.

Thus far, you have realized that this type of training is hard work and takes some dedication, but it will certainly bless you with the body you desire. You might even be wondering how to create your own or just need a little guidance. If so, continue reading for two workout sessions created for ladies that are limited on time and others with some spare time but desire more of a challenge. You’ll be working your entire body with both sessions so you’ll find yourself out of breath for majority of the time. Remember to hydrate and stretch to warm up and cool down. Take advantage of your lower intervals… you’ll thank me later.


Busi-Bee: 15 minutes

~ Two minute warm up/Three minute cool down

20 seconds High Intensity/10 seconds Low Intensity Intervals

~ Inchworms/Calf Raises (x2)

~ Russian Twist/Alternating Leg Raises (x2)

One Minute Rest

~ Dips/Alternating Side Plank (x2)

~ Squats/Standing Glute Kickback (x2)

Each set should be done twice to reach a minute of high and low intensity exercise. The ultimate goal is to be able to work hard for two minutes, rest for one then finish strong with an additional two minutes. This workout can definitely be done in a chair or using an exercise ball. The exercise ball helps with balance/coordination and allows you to incorporate multiple muscle groups at once.


Bombshell: 25 minutes

~ Three minute warm up/Four minute cool down

One Minute High Intensity/30 seconds Low Intensity Intervals/30 second Rest

~ Mountain Climbers/Shoulder Taps (x2)

~ Jump Squat/High Knees (x2)

One Minute Rest

~ Burpees/Staggered Pushups (x2)

~ Leg raises/Kneel to Stand (x2)

One Minute Rest

Similar to the above session, each set should be done twice to reach two minutes of high intensity work, a minute for low intensity and a small minute break within sets. In this session there will be more energy expended due to consecutive sets which means more calories lost. Really take care of your core and back during this training. These movements are accessible to the public, but if you are unsure about proper form and technique reach out or follow up later for tutorials.


HIIT is a great way to quickly burn an abundance of calories in a short amount of time, continue to strengthen your heart and gain some definition throughout your body with only your body weight. You can even add free weights, medicine balls, or kettle-bells to increase the intensity later. It can be done in the comfort of your home, studio, or during your vacation. You will be more than ready to present your finest in any destination.

For beginners, it’s recommended to set shorter high intensity intervals and longer intervals of low intensity. You wouldn’t want to take off in your car at 75 mph on an empty tank. You will realize that you burned out of gas sooner than expected. In this case, it takes some time to warm up the engine, fill your gas tank to Florida and enjoy the cruise to create an A plus body! I would also suggest this training at least three times a week for great results. If you would like to discuss incorporating more variety into your routines let’s talk about your goals and your next healthy steps.

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